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Homa Vidhanam

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Homa Vidhanam

A homa is a Sanskrit word that refers to any ritual in which making offerings into a consecrated fire is the primary action. Its synthesized meaning is "completed action". The word homa/havan is used in the Vedas with relation to fire sacrifice rituals. It is cognate with the English word "home".

Homa rituals are held by adherents of Hinduism, particularly active followers of Tantra, wherein the fire and offerings are presided over by Agni, the god of fire, along with other deities. A homa is also called yajna in Hinduism, sometimes for larger public fire rituals, or jajnavidhana or goma in Buddhism.

Rituals such as homam, & yagnam are prescribed in the Vedas for expiation of sins and for the acquisition of merit/virtue. The general significance behind all these rituals is to seek the help of deities (divine beings) that are capable to deliver one from sins and to make one acquire punyam (merit) to fulfill one's material or spiritual desires.


What is the purpose of havan?

The purpose of Hawan is to enhance the energy of the human body and make it healthy and progressive. he therapeutic value of Hawan is based on the ingredients used.One of the main ingredients used is cow “Ghee” or “Clarified Butter” which has enormous beneficial properties.

  • The purvanga steps and mantra
  • Mantra to start the homam
  • Mantra to protect the homam
  • Steps in the homam
  • Purna ahuddhi mantra and steps
"Homam fire ritual cleanses everything in it's way and brings goodness wherever it is done."
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    22 March, 2021

    I came to know about Pooja through this class. I have performed this pooja with proper guidance. Thank you very much for taking time to teach us.

  • Comment Author


    18 September, 2021

    I am very thankful to Pooja for guiding us in the right direction. This pooja is a blessing and I have performed it at home with proper guidance. Pooja is a good teacher and her classes are well structured.

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