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Vratha Pooja Vidhanam

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Vratha Pooja Vidhanam

Viratha pooja vidhanam is an important book for all because it gives us all the details about the rituals. This book has all the details about the tithis, nakshatras with the list of festivals.

Each festival is clearly explained with vinayagar pooja, shodasa uppachara with ashtotara and other steps that would help anyone to finish the pooja to get blessings of the devata.

Viratha pooja vidhanam can be said as boon because you will be able to clearly understand what poojas we have to do. What devata to be prayer for the festival and also how to do the pooja.


Many people think that they can learn everything from viratha pooja vidanam. That is not easy. Because all our poojas and mantras have granthi or the astral lock. Only with the guru help one can open the granthi or unlock the astral lock. Then it will become easy to use the viratha pooja vidhana mantras and viratha pooja steps.

What you will learn in this class

  • All about the tithis, nakshatras
  • Shodasa upchara or 16 steps upachara with matras
  • Ashtotara
  • Panchaupchara with mantras.
  • Poorvanga or utranga poojas
  • All about naivedhyas
"Learning this class, you can do your prayers and poojas properly to god without any compromise."

Viratha pooja vidhanam is a boon to all the people who want to do rituals with heart’s content. After learning this course you can use it immediately. You can have lot of content as you are not compromising in the way you do the pooja. You will also feel lot of divine light flowing in with the pooja.

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    10 Aug, 2021

    I always wanted to learn pooja but didn't know where to start. When I came to know about Pooja through this class, I had no second thoughts in joining this class. Its very useful. Thank you.

  • Comment Author


    18 September, 2021

    It is really nice to have a Pooja class. It was really helpful for us to perform the pooja in the right way. I had many doubts and your class cleared my doubts and I am happy to do the pooja with proper guidance. You have cleared my all doubts. Your teaching is very good. It is better than any other teachers I have got knowledge from other classes.