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Namakarana (Sanskrit: नामकरण, Nāmakaraṇa) (literally, naming) is the naming ceremony in Hinduism and a Sanskara (rite of passage) to name a baby. This is an important part of 16 samskaras performed by any individual in one’s life time.

According to the Grhya Sutras, Namakarana ceremony is typically performed on the tenth or the twelfth day after birth. Some texts suggest the naming ceremony be done on the first new moon or full moon day after the 10th day of birth. Alternate opinions range from the tenth day to the first day of the second year.

Naming a child is not merely a ritualistic activity for a Hindu family. The name suggests the personality traits that his parents want him to possess. The child's name also reflects the family's religious and cultural affiliations.


What we will teach

  • Steps in namakaranam
  • Mantra in namakaranam
  • Materials needed
  • Essence and significance of namakaranam.
"Nama - name is such a powerful thing which can change a person's life 360 degree is used correctly."
  • Comment Author


    5 Jan, 2021

    I liked the way Pooja taught us how to perform these poojas. Thank you very much for taking time to teach us.

  • Comment Author


    18 September, 2021

    I got to know Pooja only through your class. It is very useful for me. I really appreciate your help and guidance.

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